AromaTouch Technique


The AromaTouch Technique is a special massage technique that combines the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy and touch to create a unique and powerful essential oil experience. An AromaTouch massage can promote relaxation and help release tension. But its biggest benefit may be the emotional connection that is forged between the giver and the recipient. 

AromaTouch Essential Oils

The oils selected to be used with the AromaTouch Technique are powerful on their own, but when used as part of the technique they become even more so. They build upon each other to create an experience that leaves the recipient feeling both peaceful and energized. Such an amazing combination that provides a sense of overall well-being.

The AromaTouch oils can be purchased individually or as part of the AromaTouch Technique Kit or the AromaTouch Diffused Kit. Both kits include fractionated coconut oil and the following oils:

  • Balance Grounding Blend - Creates a sense calmness. Starting the AromaTouch Technique with this oil creates an initial bond between the giver and receiver.
  • LavenderDue to its soothing nature, it is used to promote relaxation.
  • MelaleucaMelaleuca is an essential part of the AromaTouch Technique for its cleansing effect.
  • On Guard Protective Blend - Offers fragrant, natural, and effective cleansing properties.
  • AromaTouch Massage Blend - Combines the benefits of oils well known for their calming and relaxing effects. It is also used because of its soothing sensation to the skin.
  • Deep Blue Soothing Blend - Has an immediate tingling and warming effect on the skin.
  • Wild Orange - Releases an energizing, citrusy aroma that has the ability to revitalize.
  • Peppermint - Used in the AromaTouch Technique for its overall invigoration and energy promoting qualities.

AromaTouch Essential Oils

The AromaTouch Technique uses specific movements to provide a massage that produces a sense of overall well being and a connection that helps the recipient relax. The nine movements focus on the back and feet. Click HERE to watch short instructional videos for each movement.

AromaTouch Resources

For more information about the AromaTouch Technique including FAQs, step by step instructions, the AromaTouch Hand Technique, and an event calendar, visit

Have you given or received an AromaTouch massage? We would love to hear about how the experience affected you. Share your story in a comment.

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Disclaimer: This technique is an essential oil application that is intended for personal use (in homes and on family or close friends) and not for monetary benefit. Anyone who uses it for non-personal use or for monetary benefit assumes all responsibility for that use and must comply with the laws of their state.

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