AromaTouch Massage Techniques


The AromaTouch Technique is an amazing combination of specific massage movements and essential oil aromatherapy that can increase physical and emotional well being. It can also create a strong connection between the giver and receiver of the massage. Check out our post "AromaTouch Technique" for an overview including the essential oils used in the technique. 

AromaTouch Technique Movements

The AromaTouch Technique consists of 9 massages movements applied to either the back or the feet. (The AromaTouch Hand Technique has its own set of massage movements.)

Click HERE to view step-by-step tutorial videos for each movement.

  • Thumbwalk Tissue Pull
  • Palm Circles
  • Lymphatic Movement
  • Auricular Stress Reduction
  • 5 Zone Activation
  • Alternating Palm Slide
  • Pinpoint Zone Activation
  • Regional Tissue Pull
  • 5 Zone Tissue Pull

You can learn the techniques from the videos or attend a class if you prefer in person training. Check out the AromaTouch Events Calendar to find a class near you.

For more information, visit The FAQs page has a lot of useful information if you are just getting started.

To purchase the AromaTouch oils either individually or as part of the AromaTouch Technique Kit or the AromaTouch Diffused Kit, click the button below.

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Disclaimer: This technique is an essential oil application that is intended for personal use (in homes and on family or close friends) and not for monetary benefit. Anyone who uses it for non-personal use or for monetary benefit assumes all responsibility for that use and must comply with the laws of their state.



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