Organized Oils Printable Basic Labels

When you become a fan of essential oils, you start to notice you have DIY concoctions all over the place. It's part of the fun of getting to know essential oils. There are so many awesome things to do and make!

One of the side effects is how to keep all your oil things organized. I've personally sorted through a lot of random roller bottles and spray bottles filled with unlabeled DIY blends trying to remember what was what. Over the years, I've finally started getting things sorted. 

I'd like to introduce a couple new products in my download shop– I'm calling them Organized Oils Basic Label sets. Right now there is one for household DIY creations and one for body care DIY creations. Each set has a lot of options to help you tame your collection and keep everything straight. Everything from roller bottle blends, to cleaning blends, to scrubs and soaks. There are even some blank labels that you can fill in with your favorite permanent ink pen to customize even more. I made sure to leave plenty of white space in the design so you can add your own notes to what you put in your blends and sprays. 

If you've never used printable downloads before, they are easy! After your purchase, you get a link emailed to you that enables you to download a PDF file to your computer. Included in the PDF are label graphics that you can print out on your own as many times as you'd like for personal use. Just print out on waterproof sticker paper, trim, and you are ready to begin labeling all your creations. Use them to organize your own oil stash, gift a set as a gift, use as a make and take in a class– whatever! 

These first basic labels sets are designed in a simple classic black and white design with an oil drop icon that will look great on any color bottle and instantly upgrade your DIY to look like it could come from a store shelf. 


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