A New Start

I Heart Oils has been undergoing some changes in the last month. The website and social media channels are being renovated. I am excited to get them all back up and running. This is a "soft-opening" so not everything is finalized yet. 

If you've visited the site before, you'll notice some changes. Along with a new design, some of my blog posts had to be taken down and/or edited due to new company regulations. There is still some great info in the blog and I hope you'll find it useful. 

As an independent consultant for an essential oil company and a designer, I've had fun over the years finding and creating unique and custom products to use for my own business. This new version of I Heart Oils will incorporate both my love for oils and my passion for design. 

I'm starting with three collections. One for everyday oil use with things like DIY labels and supplies. It'll be a great place to spruce up your DIY projects and homemade gifts. Another collection for those building a business with essential oils or other wellness products will include things like packaging, promotion, and class materials. The last collection is for unique finds and designs with a bohemian flair.

I'm still getting the product lines ready to go and will get them loaded into the shop as soon as possible.  I plan on throwing in lots of freebies too so you'll want to make sure you are signed up for my mailing list.

This shop will be for anyone who uses oils. I hope it's a benefit to the whole essential oil community.

If you are new to essential oils and want info on getting started and available enrollment incentives, contact me. I'm happy to help you! You can also head over to the Learn About Oils section of the website lots of introductory info. You can even take a free instant Intro to Essential Oils class via text or email. 


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