DIY: Beard Oil

Here's a great DIY just in time for Father's Day. This yummy combination of oils is great for the skin and both calms and tones. And, it smells amazing!

You'll need an empty glass bottle. A 10 ML dropper bottle works great or empty out an old 15 ML bottle, wash and reuse.

3 Drops Sandalwood
2 Drops Arborvitae
2 Drops Lavender
2 Drops Ginger

Fill the rest of the bottle with 1/2 grapeseed oil and 1/2 fractionated coconut oil. Shake gently to mix the oils.

To use:
Add two or three drops of the beard oil blend to your palms and rub together. Rub through beard and the skin around the beard including the neck. Can also be used as a pre or post shave oil.

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  • toyuna

    nice post. I share this post to my friend to try this DIY.he gonna love this.

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