5 Essential Oils for Goal Setting


January can be such a fun month. Fresh starts and new beginnings. Goal setting and planning out amazing dreams.  It can also pretty quickly lead to frustration. Any time we desire to make change we can expect to encounter some turbulence. Things tend to feel like they are getting worse before they get better.  It's part of the test of life to see how we'll react to the turbulence and if we can keep moving forward despite it.

When setting goals this year, one tool we could incorporate is the use of essential oils. Besides their ability for improvement of physical issues, they can also be a huge emotional and spiritual support.

These five oils are great to use while making goals and when we need encouragement to keep going.

1. Wild Orange: Orange essential oil brings joy, uplift, helps boost creativity and positivity. It's a great oil to foster abundance and conquer fears of letting go.

2. Rosemary: Rosemary brings clarity and awareness. It helps us remember who we are and can help spark recognition of our path.

3. Peppermint: Peppermint encourages bright feelings, vibrancy, and joy. It helps ease out the bumps in life and lets us glide over them easier.

4. Roman Chamomile: This oil helps us with emotional stability, inner peace, understanding, and encourages stillness. It helps us discover our true life purpose and meaning. It restores confidence for us to do what we came here to do.

5. Cedarwood: This oil encourages strength, balance, and focus. It can help us stick to a task when it becomes difficult. It's a great oil to foster community spirit and connection.

Try this fun roller bottle blend and rock your goals!

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